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  • How do I get started?
    Fill out the “Get in Touch” form and a team member will reach out to you as soon as possible to schedule a ZOOM or in-person meeting. After you learn more about it, we will set you up with our pilot program.
  • What does a “Pilot Program” look like?
    During the “Pilot Program,” one class is selected to try out the JotPads for 2 months. During this pilot, our team will train all teachers & students on how to use the devices in the classroom. We will give continuous support to ensure you are satisfied throughout the pilot program by making visits and connecting over the phone. Coming near the end of the pilot, the school makes a decision whether to keep using the devices. Usually the answer is YES.
  • How does the JotPad work?
    The JotPad operates on a distinctive K-12 school operating system that integrates with the school's existing LMS. This system substitutes all paper-based materials while giving access to interactive sites, and streamlines students' executive functioning by consolidating all their learning materials in one, always-available device.
  • What grade is the JotPad for?
    The JotPad is recommended for grades 3-12.
  • What if I have never used Google Classroom before?
    That's no problem! Our personalized training will get you right on track. We will go over how to set one up, how to set up your class, add your students and start posting materials.
  • How much does the Jotit Pilot cost?
    The pilot program is FREE! You heard it right, FREE! After the pilot, we figure out a plan that works best for your school.
  • How can we get the parents on-board?
    The best way to get parents on-board is to have a Parent Orientation over Zoom. The Jotit team will lead a Parent Orientation to get the parents involved- answering questions and explaining the benefits.
  • What is the difference between a “Material” and an “Assignment”?
    A material is something that will stay in the classroom for the year (ex: Textbooks, Reference Sheet). An assignment has a due date and copy for each student.
  • How do I create my class schedule?
    Check out our “How To- Guides” tab on How to create a Class Calendar.
  • Do my “Materials” and “Assignments” need to be in PDF form?
    Yes. If you do not know how to convert to PDF, please check out our “How To- Guide” on How to convert to PDF from Google Doc.
  • Will I have to log in to my Google Account each time I restart my JotPad?
    No. Your Google account will be saved onto your JotPad.
  • Why can’t I submit my homework?
    First, you need to make sure the due date on the assignment has not passed. Then, make sure you are on wifi. In order to submit a homework or classwork assignment, you need to be connected to wifi.
  • Will I still be able to work on my JotPad without wifi?
    Yes. You will be able to work on your JotPad - you just won’t be able to submit without wifi.
  • What should my JotPad be charged to?
    Your JotPad should be at 80% or above. It is enough to charge it once or twice a week.
  • What charger does the JotPad use?
    Type C Cable.
  • My JotPad froze, what do I do?
    If your JotPad is frozen, try to restart it. If it won’t restart, try to plug your JotPad into the charger. If this doesn’t work- please contact a team member.
  • How do I upload my roster?
    Through Google Classroom, you add your students into the class using their school email address.
  • We are co-teachers, how do we both post in Google Classroom?
    All you need to do is add both of you in Google Classroom as co-teachers . Go to “People”, “Teachers” and add the co-teacher’s email address.
  • If I want to print my students notebook page, what do I do?
    Have the child attach the notebook page to an assignment, you will see it on your computer and will be able to print it from there!
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