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The promise of a digital revolution in schools remains a promise. Billions have been spent on laptops and software. The majority of teachers prefer to stay with paper, and for good reasons.


This is about to change. Introducing Paper Tablets.

We Are Jotit

We Are Jotit

The Jotit learning system unlocks a new level of executive functioning for all students.  Jotit’s paper tablet, the JotPad, has a passive zero light emitting screen resembling paper, along with state-of-the-art handwriting technology. The JotPad operates on a distinctive K-12 school operating system that integrates with the school's existing LMS.

This system substitutes all paper-based materials while giving access to interactive sites and streamlines students' executive functioning by consolidating all their learning materials in one, always-available device.

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Students actively engaging with Jotit's Paper Tablets in a classroom setting

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It Feels Like Paper

The e-ink screen, same as the Kindle’s screen, does not emit light and is easy on the eyes, just like reading from paper. The JotPad features cutting-edge handwriting technology that every student's first reaction is: “it’s like writing on paper!"

Close-up view of the JotPad, showcasing its sleek design and paper-like screen
Students actively engaging with Jotit's Paper Tablets in a classroom setting.

All in One Place with No Distractions

All curriculum material such as books, notebooks, worksheet as well as interactive sites are found on the JotPad. The same goes for all homework assignments and messages. What’s not on the JotPad?  Apps, games and internet sites that are a distractions from schoolwork

Authentic Learning is Back

A classroom with JotPads is clean of all the paper clutter. JotPads bring back eye contact between teachers and students and allow authentic handwriting to markup work. Parents now easily know their child’s work status.

Above all, students are free to take notes the way it makes sense for them, and be creative with sketching, writing, or just jotting down.

Student using the advanced handwriting technology on Jotit's Paper Tablet.

Our Partners Say

Heather Pierce - Teacher

Your handwriting is a life skill. It's also your ability to create art,  to adapt things the way you want them. 

The Jotit makes this so natural, and the kids love it.

Heather Pierce,

4th Grade Teacher


For students

By students

The designers of the JotPads screens

are students and teachers.


This is why the JotPad is intuitive and fun to use at any grade. We continuously ask and receive student feedback to help us improve this platform that was made for them.


Blog Posts

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